Facility Management

The interwoven and interrelated relationship between the Facility, Real Estate, Construction and Décor environment is so vital and we are resolute in our resolve to tap into these opportunities for the benefit of our teaming clients and prospects.  We aim in the nearest future to be a one stop shop for the built environment and the building industry at large offering hybrid solutions and customized long range services to the business concerns of our clients.

Our facility team are cut edge technology savvy, reliable, available and efficient to meet the needs of our clients business.  Certified and Trained, we have at our disposal technicians and industry specialist to meet all the needs of facilities and integrated to offer a unified business solution that is an experience only Austoya can offer.

The basis of our team operations cuts across industries and sectors and includes some of the following;

  1. Generator Purchase, installations, repairs, services, maintenance.
  2. Diesel storage tank fabrication, Installation, Calibration, Digital Cleaning and usage monitoring.
  3. Electronics and Electrical/ Power Consumption, monitoring, repairs and parts.
  4. HVAC systems- Purchases, Installations, Services, Repairs, Maintenance.
  5. Mechanical & Plumbing Installation- Installation, Repairs and Maintenance.
  6. Security Guards and Installations- CCTV Surveillance Cameras, Access Control System, Video Door Phones.
  7. Cleaning and Janitorial Services for Corporate and Residential purposes.
  8. Waste management and Disposals
  9. Lawn and Gardening Services for Corporate and Residential purposes.
  10. Building Maintenance Service.
  11. Fleet Maintenance
  12. Government / Regulatory Agencies Liaison.
  13. Warehousing and Inventory Services.