We at Austoya Concept are core at construction, its sister industry and integrated solutions and related services. We have in our team seasoned professionals including Architects, Quantity Surveyors , Project Managers, Civil Engineers, Builders and diverse artisans well experienced and with years of relevant experience to their cap.

We have successfully engaged and completed series of projects and works ranging from various residential buildings for Low, Medium and High Net worth Individuals across Nigeria and a lot still ongoing.

Our corporate projects have seen us engage in projects for multinationals, tertiary institution, malls and Banks to mention but a few.


We are experts at understanding Business Cases and Benefit Management Plans and translate this to a client Specific Requirement and these had made us dear to our clients with referrals to show for it.

Our services could range from advisory feasibility services to designs, construction and all the way we advice on the best use of their property to produce optimal returns on investment.

Our Quality Control and Assurance Policy ensures we align to international best Practices and we are continuously improving our Quality Policy to give our clients the best value for their money.

It’s essential to note that we pride in our Customer Satisfaction Policy; we strive and are eager to satisfy the requirements of our clients. We have built in our staff and team a customer focused business process that ensures we keep every client satisfied and happy with our cost effective solutions and products.

We are specialised and engage in virgin construction works, remodelling and renovation works and are cost effective with comparative design options to always give our clients cost options to meet their needs. We also are maintenance inclined as our projects are executed putting in mind future maintenance of the building using long lasting and maintenance friendly elements for long run cost effective maintenance works.